Saturday, January 6, 2018

Barns of the Delaware Water Gap Photo Safari

This is another of periodic "photo safaris" of places the Blog has visited! I hope you enjoy this vicarious visit to several of the barns within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area! 

Sadly, although we encountered a park ranger (who investigated us investigating the barns), we did not have the forethought to ask the names of the barns.

Fading daylight provided an eerie atmosphere for this abandoned dairy and livestock barn.
It's not hard to imagine the days when horses would have hung their heads through the stall windows.

A view from the opposite side of the barn complex (because it really was three different barns all joined together) made it look completely different!

Know before you go: Wild animals live in some of the barns -- either that, or ghosts. I'm guessing wild animals! Enter the barns at your own risk. Also, national park rangers patrol the barns frequently, to ensure there's no vandalism. So take only photos, leave only footprints.

Getting there: These barns are within sight of Rt 209 in Monroe County/Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area


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