Saturday, December 15, 2018

Newport News' Celebration of Lights

Celebration in Lights is a two mile drive through holiday light displays in Newport News Park, featuring some creative and well done lights arrangements.

Celebration in Lights, Virginia’s first drive-through holiday light event, opens for its 26th season.

Newport News Park is transformed by over a million individual lights, creating animated holiday and fanciful scenes.

One of my favorite displays is a nod to the region's Civil War history: Once Divided, Forever United, with the Monitor and Merrimack armor-clad ships, which fought a battle in nearby Hampton Roads harbor.

Over 300 individual display pieces, 50+ arches, and over three miles of rope lighting enhance the natural beauty of the two-mile drive along Newport News Park’s main road.

At one point, it seems as if you move through all the seasons, from spring/summer flowers and butterflies...

... through fall leaves falling over the road....

... then on to winter.

All new display pieces added since 2007 use LED lights, saving on both costs and electricity. The LED lights also last longer: 100,000 hours verses 3,000 hours for incandescent. Older (pre-2007) display pieces are being refitted with LED lights.

Getting there: Newport News Park is located at the intersection of Ft. Eustis Blvd. and Jefferson Ave. in Newport News, VA. Directions: Eastbound I-64 use Exit 247 (Lee Hall), Westbound I-64 use Exit 250 B (Ft. Eustis).

Hours: open nightly 5:30 - 10:00 p.m., through January 1, 2019


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