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Fairfield Farm barn, built in 1914, is possibly Butler County's most beautiful barn and my all-time favorite. Note the distinctive trio of cupolas, which not only add decorative detail but are practical as well, by increasing the ventilation.

You can spend an afternoon driving around Butler County's countryside, and you'll definitely get to see cool things in addition to the lovely scenery, such as the lovely, old-time country church attached to a local graveyard, or farmland vistas that unfold as the road unscrolls before you. The fall is a perfect time to drive from barn to barn, enjoying the changing autumn foliage and lovely rolling farmland along the way!

Where is your favorite barn?

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Maybe it's the slightly cooler weather, or maybe the first few maple leaves I saw bursting into color... Now is the time to start planning some autumn foliage drives!

One of my favorites is the Scenic Valley Tour of Adams County’s many areas of historic interest and scenic beauty. The tour covers some 36 miles south, west and north of Gettysburg, including several orchards. The roads you will travel are all two-lane, paved secondary and all turns and changes of direction are clearly marked by “SCENIC VALLEY TOUR” signs. Allow yourself about three hours to drive the route; more if you include lunch or make frequent stops along the way.

Adams Adams County is a picturesque rural county in south central Pennsylvania. Although synonymously known as Apple Country, it is most well known for the little town of Gettysburg, the site of the most famous Civil War battle.

See a preview of what you'll be driving by at http://www.midatlanticdaytrips.com/2017/10/autumn-drive-through-adams-county-apple.html

Don't overlook the 6 great overlooks in Green Ridge State Forest if you're looking for some great leaf-peeping opportunities -- and this weekend or next will be the time to do it, because the leaves will be nearing peak by Columbus Day.

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We just discovered Maryland's "best kept secret," renting a cabin at New Germany State Park.

Nestled between Big Savage Mountain and the Eastern Continental Divide, New Germany State Park offers 10 miles of hiking, a lake to swim or kayak on, and of course, 12 cabins.

This was our first stay at a state park cabin. We're hooked. We're not into roughing it -- we consider no air-conditioning "glamping." So we glamped at New Germany State Park.

The cabin was cozy and comfortable and just right as a base of operations for two days of exploring all that Garrett County, in western Maryland, has to offer.


The Paw Paw Tunnel cuts 5 miles length off of the C&O Canal, but cost the canal 12 years in its building and nearly bankrupted the C&O Canal Company. It is a remarkable structure, three-fifths of a mile long.

In the center, it is pitch black, although you can still see light from each entrance. It is eerie in the darkness, even with flashlights and lights from our phones. Halfway through the tunnel, my camera suddenly stopped working. It was too dark to fiddle with it, and when we emerged, it resumed taking its photos, and I breathed a sigh of relief: I'll have photos for my article after all!

Some say the tunnel is haunted, either by a lock keeper who died at the nearby lock or by the workers who built the tunnel. Violence and disease were rampant and many died during construction.

Prepare for your scare at http://www.midatlanticdaytrips.com/2017/04/c-canal-paw-paw-tunnel-to-lock-56.html

Tip of the week: If you're in search of autumn color, don't discount heading to your local cemetery.

Many older cemeteries, such as Baltimore's Green Mount Cemetery, were designed as park style gardens, where folks could come to visit loved ones, and picnic and spend time in a beautiful setting. Green Mount, like many other "rural garden" cemeteries, also served as arboretums, with a wide variety of trees. That means they're often quite splendid in the fall, as Green Mount was in this photo from a couple years ago!

As you walk the paths of Green Mount, climb to the highest point, where you'll be rewarded with a panoramic view of Baltimore, especially if you visit during the late fall or winter, when tree leaves have fallen.

I find great peace when I visit a cemetery. As I walk about reading the inscriptions or admiring the sculptural aspects of the tombstones, I often whisper "thank you for letting me visit," even though I know no one can hear me. You know, just in case!


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